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Child support refers to monies paid by one parent to the other for the needs of the child. A parent who has the child physically more than 50% of the time may receive support from the other parent for that parent's share of the support for the child or if the time is essentially equal, the parent with the higher gross income, may be required to pay to the other parent an amount to equal out the households financially.

Child Support in the State of Arizona is set by the Supreme Court of Arizona through the "ARIZONA CHILD SUPPORT GUIDELINES". The most recent guidelines were adopted by the court for actions filed after May 31, 2011.

The guidelines list the factors involved in determining support. Child Support must be paid in money -- not in clothes or gifts and must be paid through the Payment Clearinghouse (see below) in order to be considered as child support.

Child support orders apply to any child under the age of 18, or a child who is still attending high school or an equivalency program but ends at the age of 19 regardless. Although, if a child is mentally or physically handicapped, the judge may order that support payments continue indefinitely, past the age of majority.

To calculate the child support amount, you can try using the ARIZONA SUPREME COURT CHILD SUPPORT CALCULATOR.  Have the following information ready in order to complete the calculation in accordance with Arizona state guidelines:

  • Both parties monthly gross incomes based on full time employment.

  • A yearly amount for child care, if any, keeping in mind that sometimes it is different in the summer.

  • Monthly amount for medical insurance premiums being paid for the children's portion only. (Employee out of pocket costs minus Employee plus children out of pocket costs.)

  • An idea of parenting time (visitation) being exercised at this time.

Should you have challenges, you can always call us to get additional information or a free child support calculation but again, please have the information ready when you call.

Per Arizona Law, Child Support is usually ordered to be paid by Income Withholding Order through the Support Payment Clearinghouse in Phoenix.  This means that the paying parent's employer is ordered to withhold the child support from wages of the paying parent and then required to send the child support to the Clearinghouse directly.  The Clearinghouse then disperses the funds to the receiving party either by direct deposit to the party's bank account or to a debt card issued by the state.  This system does take approx. 4 - 8 weeks to set up initially.  Please keep in mind that the burden of proof of payment of child support is the responsibility of the Paying Parent and that Child Support is due payable the Date the Court Orders It (not when and if it is withheld from wages). 

Always send payments to the Clearinghouse and be sure the Case Number and the Atlas Number is written on those payments. If you do not know the Atlas Number, you can call the court at (520) 724-3250. Any payments not sent to the Clearinghouse, may be considered a "gift" and not count towards the child support owed.

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  • There are Child Support Guidelines adopted by the Supreme Court of the State of Arizona. These guidelines are used in most cases in the calculation of child support amounts to be ordered.

  • The information needed to calculate the child support amount is simply the parents' gross income and the number of children. Any amounts paid out of pocket for medical, dental and/or vision insurance premiums and child care for the children will be added. Credit for parenting time will be given. Household expenses and/or debts are not taken in consideration.

  • Child support goes on until the child either turns 18 or finishes the senior year in high school. If a child is still in high school and turns 19, child support ends at 19. When the youngest child reaches this point, one of the parties must request that the Order of Assignment (Child Support being taken out of one's pay) stop.  It does NOT stop automatically.

  • If you don't know how much your ex makes and you want to modify your child support, under ARS 25-513, you can request such information from the employer (or your ex if self employed) by simply writing and sending it first class mail. Under the law, this information must be provided within 20 days of the request.