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If you have a Pima County Child Support Order, are NOT currently nor ever been on Food Stamps or other government assistance and you are not receiving your child support, it may be an easy fix! Before you do any thing else, try these tips:

  • If you don't already know, see if you can locate your ex and their employer. Contact family and friends. You will need to know where your ex is in order to have them served with pleadings, if it comes to that.

  • Notify the court of the ex's employer by calling the child support office at Pima County Superior court at (520) 724-3250 or fill out a new obligee/obligor fact sheet and either mail it or hand deliver to: Pima County Superior Court, 110 W. Congress, Room 121 (Child Support Reciprocal), Tucson AZ 85701 (If you don't know your case number, you can name search Pima County Records online) They will notify the employer of the child support order and you should start getting your child support within a few months. If you know the ex is not working but getting unemployment, you can relay that information to the court as well and the court will see about attaching the benefits.

  • If your ex is not working at all or working under the table but you know where they live -OR- if you are now receiving child support but your ex still owes back child support (arrearages) and you would like to start receiving additional payment for such, you can complete the documents to REQUEST TO ENFORCE SUPPORT. You will be required to pay a filing of fee. Once you receive the hearing date & time, your ex must be served by an officer of the court. Contact  Jody with JCC Legal Support at (520) 247-6800 to make those arrangements. (If you prefer to have me take care of this for you, you can review my fees for this service, click <HERE> for azDivorce Document Services fee chart.) You both go to the hearing and the judge will then decide what to do about the situation. Please keep in mind that your ex must be no less than two (2) months behind before you can request to enforce. Also, if your ex was awarded tax exemptions at the time of the child support was ordered, under the Arizona Supreme Court Child Support Guidelines, your ex may not claim said exemptions until they are current with child support payments by December 31st of the tax year.

It is never recommended that you start a case with the state's child support enforcement's services unless absolutely necessary as once you are in the system, you are always in the system forever and ever. Once in the system, you will be unable to do anything for your self from then forward and you will then be at their "mercy". They take YEARS to do anything. So, if your ex is unemployed with no hint of ever getting a real job, Child Support Enforcement won't be able to get anything out of your ex either so the best you can do is just wait. That way, if your ex does straighten out and get a job, you can notify the court and/or ask for a hearing to enforce your child support yourself without having to wait years for Child Support Enforcement to do it for you.