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Child support goes on until the child either turns 18 or finishes the senior year in high school. If a child is still in high school and turns 19, child support ends at 19.
When the youngest child reaches this point, one of the parties must request that the Income Withholding Order (Child Support being taken out of one's pay) stop. 
It does NOT stop automatically. As this takes some time to complete
and there are no refunds for overpayment, now is the time to get started!


az Divorce Document Services is
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ocally owned & operated for 24 years &
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With the minimum wage raising to $11 per hour in Arizona on Jan. 1st, 2019,
something to think about is the impact it will have on your child support amount.
To see if there is enough change to justify modification,
call us for a free phone calculation.



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