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  • A Different and Unique Kind of Service ~ Not only are your customized professional documents  completed for you WHILE-YOU-WAIT, the reasonable fees include all the processing of your documents for you making this service truly "Worry-Free".

  • No Hidden Costs ~ All the fees are disclosed up front when you call including anything that "may" come up along the way. Quoted Fees also include court fees and processing (court runs, mailing, copies, etc.)

  • Be Sure to Make an Appointment Before Coming to the Office ~ This allows you to have my undivided attention to get the task done for you while you wait. Appointments hours are accommodating and available early morning and during lunch hours Monday - Thursday with special arrangements on Fridays and weekends. Depending on how flexible your schedule, I can usually get you in within a day or two if need be.

  • This is a Challenging Time Even if Both Parties are "getting along" ~ Parents, Relatives, Friends, New Fiancées are welcome for moral support  These are your decisions to be made by you, so to avoid confusion, it is best to limit the number in the office to one or two and because of possible conflicts of interest, you may NOT bring your spouse to the appointment.

Also, due to the sensitive nature of our discussion,
I kindly ask that you do not bring children to the appointment.

  • Payment is Usually Required at the Time of the Appointment ~ You are usually only meeting with me once. (It's sort of like going to the grocery store.)

  • My Number One Priority is to Get You Through this Experience with Ease and Grace.

    Here's How it Works:

    • You schedule an appointment & visit the office

    • Your customized, professional documents are completed for you,
      While You Wait

    • You sign the documents & leave with copies of your receipt and documents

    • The documents are filed at the court for you

    • The other party legally receives the court copy & the clock ticking for the waiting period. (Happy to go over the documents with the other party if requested.)

    • Provided no action is taken by the other party and depending on the case, you will either attend a final default hearing for the judge to sign off on the final orders (we provide all the copies that you will need at the hearing and you pick the day after the waiting period) or we submit the final orders to the court to be completed and it's done!

  • And Finally ~ I do understand that this may be the first time you are going through this and that your situation is most important to you at this time. Even though this is a "no fault" state thereby taking the "emotions" out of the situation legally, emotional issues still sometimes arise and so by doing what I do, I am helping you to heal or at the least get on with your life by taking away the worry of your documents and the processing of those documents.