Before submitting your event to DollShowUSA.com, please review this check list so that you will be more prepared when completing your online submission.
(PS. It's never too early)

For a printable copy <CLICK HERE>
  1. Email ~ If you don't have an online email client (program that sends out emails) you should. My choice is MailChimp. With MailChimp you can have up to 2,000 emails on your list for free and you can also develop a form that allows people to sign up and be added directly to your account.

  2. Facebook Page ~ Facebook is the most effective way to promote your business or club/organization events. This process is somewhat confusing as to how to do correctly for the full marketing benefit unless you have done it before. I am happy to do this for you for a small fee. Once the page is set up, other members may be added as Administrators or Editors to help with promotions. Be prepared for someone to spend a little bit of time every few days to post on and share to the page to generate interest and as a reminder of your event. The more fun stuff you post, the more likely people are to like and share your page.

  3. It is very important to add your event to your Facebook Page's event page. If you post to your page's timeline, your post will get lost among other posts. To create an event, simply click on the Events link at the left. Interested Facebook members can then also state if they are interested or going and it allows everyone to invite others.

  4. Search of Facebook for pages and groups that list activities in your area. For instance, we have a “Fun things to do in Tucson” and “Tucson Events” pages and groups like “Things2doTucson” and “Arizona.Families”. On the pages, you can usually post the event url but on the groups, you have to join first then you can share the event..

  5. If you still happen to have a website, check, update, make sure it comes up properly in all browsers (Google Chrome, Bing, Modzilla Firefox) and that all the links work properly. Some of the "free" web builders run off the page to the right with information lost to the screen. Some are messed up on mobile devices. Both things to consider. Be sure to add a link to your Facebook page for people to Like/Follow/Share. Add the link for your email sign up form. Make sure your contact information is easily located on the page.

  6. Contracts, registration forms and/or flyers ~ Whether emailing or having them available online, always turn them into a "pdf" file first so they are easily printed on the other end. You can download free software to do that at http://www.cutepdf.com/. It installs a printer driver onto your computer where all you have to do is print your document to the CutePDF printer driver and it will turn your document into a pdf. That way, the person should have an easier time printing regardless of the word processing program used in the preparation of the document.

  7. Submit your listing to DollShowUSA.com. You can click the "Submit Event" link in the menu under the heading on any page or the direct link is http://www.az-ps.com/dollshowusa/USA-Submit.html

  8. Submit your event to publications and media listed on the "Links" page. The direct link is http://www.az-ps.com/dollshowusa/USA-Links.html

  9. Google search for media community calendars (printed, radio, television) in your area. Most now have to be submitted online. This is pretty time consuming as sometimes you sign up wait for a password. Once you are in, if you type out the information in a notepad, you should be able to cut and paste the information in the appropriate fields to submit.

  10. Sellers should all realize that this is their show too. The success of the event, is not the sole responsibility of the promoter, whether club or individual. There is only so much that can be done as the promoter and only so much money that can be spent on advertising so it is always a plus when the show "family" sends out emails to their customers, posts on facebook and hands out flyers.

  11. Print out the Selling Guide to provide to each seller. Even though they may have been selling for years, there maybe a tip that they hadn't thought of. The direct link is http://www.az-ps.com/selling/Seller-guide.pdf This helps them know that you are on their side and they may be more likely to help spread the word.

  12. A great way to track your advertising is to give a $1 off with coupon, ad or flyer. You can also encourage sellers to place their initials on the back of flyers that they hand out and if someone were to redeem them, they would receive $1 cash or a show dollar.


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