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Some do not have their own websites or direct emails.
Some websites have not been updated in a while
but have been left on the list just in case they are still open.
Information may change or become no longer active at any time.

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Museum Email/Website Location/Phone
Enchanted Doll Museum Enchanted Doll Web Info Fort Smith, AR
(479) 478-0225
20th Century Doll Museum 20th Century Doll Web Info Newport, AR
(870) 523-2194
Arizona Doll & Toy Museum  Email
AZ Doll & Toy Facebook
Glendale, AZ
(623) 939-6186
Gadsden-Pacific Division
Toy Train Museum
Train Museum Website
Tucson, AZ
(520) 888-2222
The Mini-Time Machine Email
Mini Time Machine Website
Tucson, AZ
(520) 881-0606
Quinlan Doll & Teddy Bear Museum & Library Email
Quinlan Museum Website
Santa Barbara, CA
(805) 730-1707
Angels Attic Doll
Angels Attic Website
Santa Monica, CA
(310) 394-8331
Denver Museum of
Miniatures, Dolls & Toys
Denver Museum Website
Denver, CO
(303) 322-1053
Naples Train Museum
You Tube Video
Naples Train Website
Naples, FL
(239) 262-1776
Marquis Doll Museum Marquis Doll Museum Web Info Lafayette, IN
(765) 429-6365
Marysville Doll Museum Marysville Doll Museum Web Info Marysville, KS
Kentucky Doll & Toy Museum
You Tube Video
KY Doll & Toy Museum Website
Carlisle, KY
(859) 289-3344
The Dollhouse Museum
YouTube Video
Dollhouse Museum Website
Danville, KY
(859) 583-8000
The Enchanted Mansion
"A Doll Museum"
Enchanted Mansion Facebook
Baton Rouge, LA
(225) 769-0005
The Lois Loftin Doll Museum Email
Museum Web Info
DeRidder, LA
(337) 463-6217
House of Broel
Dollhouse Museum
Broel Dollhouse Museum Website
New Orleans, LA
(504) 522-2220
National Black Doll Museum Email
Nat'l Black Doll Museum Website
Mansfield, MA
(774) 284-4729
Wenham Museum Email
Wenham Museum Website
Wenham, MA
(978) 468-2377 x 113
Fawcett's Antique Toy Museum Email
Antique Toy Museum Website
Waldoboro, ME
(207) 832-7398
Nun Doll Museum Email
Cross in the Woods Website
Indian River, MI
(231) 238-8973
Puppetry Arts Institute Email
Puppetry Arts Institute Website
Indepen., MO
(816) 833-9777
UFDC Doll Museum Email
UFDC Museum Website
Kansas City, MO
(816) 891-7040
Rose O'Neill &
Bonniebrook Museum
Kewpies Museum Website
Walnut Shade MO
Miniature Museum of
Greater St. Louis
Miniature Museum Website
St. Louis, MO
(314) 832-7790
Yesterday's Children
Doll & Toy Museum
Yesterday's Children Website
Vicksburg, MS
Legacy Doll Museum Email
Legacy Doll Museum Website
Billings, MT
(406) 256-
Spencer Doll & Toy Museum Email
Spencer Doll &Toy Website
Spencer, NC
 (704) 762-9359
Plainview Klown Doll Museum
You Tube Video
Klown Doll Museum Website
Plainview, NE
(402) 582-4433
Princeton Doll & Toy Museum Email
Princeton Doll & Toy Website
Hopewell, NJ
(609) 333-8600
Museum of Play Email
Museum of Play Website
Rochester, NY
(585) 263-2700
Susie's Museum of Childhood Email
Susie's Museum
Web Info
Carrollton, OH
(330) 627-8046
Mid Ohio Historical
Doll &Toy Museum
Doll Museum Ohio Website
 C.Winchester, OH
(614) 837-5573
Victorian Perambulator Museum Email
Perambulator Museum Website
Jefferson, OH
(440) 576-9588
Children's Toy & Doll Museum Email
Toy & Doll Museum Facebook
 Mariettta, OH
(740) 373-5900
Medina Toy & Train Museum
You Tube Video
Medina Toy & Train Museum
 Medina, OH
The Enchanted Moment Doll Museum/Gallery Enchanted Moment Doll Website  Tiffin, OH
(419) 443-0038
The Doll Museum
at the Old Rectory
Doll Museum Website
 Worthington, OH
(614) 885-1247
Morgan Doll Museum Morgan Doll Museum Web Info  Altus, OK
(580) 482-2387
Eliza Cruce Hall Doll Museum EC Hall Doll Museum Web Info  Ardmore, OK
(580) 223-8290
IDW  Museum of Miniatures Dolls & Toys Miniatures Dolls & Toys Web Info  Tulsa, OK
(918) 584-6654
Elaine Annen Doll Museum Email
Elaine Annen Museum Web Info
Mt. Angel, OR
(503) 551-0102
Harrisburg Doll Museum Email Page
Harrisburg Doll Museum Website
Harrisburg, PA
(717) 233-3099
Marcia Ponas Doll Museum Email
MP Doll Museum Web Info
Johnstown, PA
(814) 255-6515
Phila. Black Doll Museum
You Tube Video
Phila. Black Doll Museum Web Info Philadelphia, PA
(215) 787-0220
National Toy Train Museum
You Tube Video
National Toy Train Website
Ronks, PA
(717) 687-8976
McCurdy Historical Doll Museum Historical Doll Museum Info Provo, UT
(801) 377-9935
Shelburne Museum Email
Shelburne Museum Website
Shelburne, VT
(802) 985-3346
The Official Marx Toy Museum Email
Marx Toy Museum Website
Moundsville, WV
(304) 845-6022
Kruger Street Toy & Train Museum Email
Toy & Train Museum Website
Wheeling, WV
(887) 242-8133
Doll & Toy Museum
Doll & Toy Museum Website
Fennimore, WI
608) 822-4100
The Little Falls
Railroad & Doll Museum
Railroad & Doll Museum Website
Sparta, WI
(608) 272-3266


Business/Owner Email/Website Location/Phone
V. Gross' Doll Museum &
Gift Shop
V.Gross Website
Warren, Manitoba, Canada
(204) 322-5346
Muzeum Panenek a Medvidku
Pod Troskami
Muzeum Website
Prague, Czech Rep.
Le Musée de la Poupée-Paris Email
Le Musee Website
Paris, France
01 42 72 73 11
Coburger Puppen Museum Email
Coburger Website
Coburg, Germany
49 9561 891-480
Käthe-Kruse-Puppen-Museum Email
Kathe-Kruse Website
Donauworth, Germany
49 9060 789-170
Margarete Steiff Museum Email
Steiff Website
Giengen, Germany
49 7322 131-500
Spielzeugmuseum Nurnberg Email
Nurnberg Website
Nurnberg, Germany
49 9112 313-164
Spielzeugmuseum Sonneberg Email
Sonneberg Website
Sonneberg, Germany
03675 4226 340
Spielzeugmuseum im Alten Rathausturm Email
Munich Website
Munich, Germany
49 89 294 001
Museo della Bambola e del Giocattolo Email
Museo della Website
Santa Giuletta, Italy
340 3259784-899 141
Yokohama Doll Museum Email
Yoko. Doll Museum Website
Yokohamo, Japan
Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel Spielzeug Website Basel, Switzerland
41 61 225 95 95

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