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Showcase Booth Set-up & Selling Guide

Our main goal is to have a buying experience that is simple and easy as possible. People looking to purchase an item online normally look first at the item, price next and then how to purchase the item now. The more back and forth required to make a sale, the more time it takes and the more chance of the sale not going through.


Your album/booth is set up on the corresponding facebook page 
https://www.facebook.com/DollShopsOnline/. You should receive the direct link upon payment confirmation but you can also find it by visiting the page, click on "photos" under the heading and it will take you to a page with the albums. You may need to click on "See All" at the right.

Adding item photos to your booth

If you haven't already done so, please friend me, Karen Kosies.

You must first be authorized to add your photo items. Once you friend me, I will add you as an admin to the page. You should receive the invite at your notification bell (upper right hand corner of your facebook page)

Item photos should be close up and clear with backgrounds that will not distract. Only one photo of each item is necessary as more than one photo will only confuse buyers. If you are selling your items in "groups", it's best to group similar items together. People who like or collect a particular item (size/type) would be more inclined to purchase a group of them rather several groups with just one of them included within the group.

Keep all your item photos in a folder on your computer. That will help to stay organized and also allow you to upload them more than one at a time.

YOU MUST BE IN YOUR BOOTH BEFORE ADDING YOUR PHOTOS. CLICK ON "Add Photos/Videos" (right panel of the screen)

The first photo in your booth is the logo/icon to your booth. This photo should reflect what you offer for sale and should be something somewhat desirable to encourage potential buyers to click on your booth. Your online shop link and contact information - name, email, phone (call or text), if desired, will be as the title of your booth (album) as well as listed in this photo description. You can also list a bio and/or terms in the logo or booth (album) description, if desired.

Item Descriptions ~ Best to keep it simple - just the facts

Title & Short description:
Price & Shipping info:
For more information, photos or to purchase now, click (link that goes to your item in your Ebay, Etsy, Ruby Lane shop or your website)
Contact information: Name, Email, Phone (call or text), If desired.

Things to do to promote your booth during show times.

*Share your booth link on your personal/business Facebook pages timelines.
*Email your customers about the Showcase event.
*Post a couple of your photos on the page timeline. (https://www.facebook.com/DollShopsOnline/) You can boost them if you so choose. If you don't know much about the boosting process, please reach out to me for further information but one thing is that you don't want the boost to go much past the event date.

How to Copy and Paste (just in case you don't already know)

Hold your mouse button down and slide over the text to highlight it to copy. Right click and hold your mouse and select "copy" or press ctrl-c at the same time on your keyboard to copy.

Click your cursor in the other screen where you want to put the text in the description box for the photo. Right click and hold your mouse and select "paste" or press ctrl-v at the same time on your keyboard to paste.

For questions or comments, contact me at Karen@dollshopsonline.com
or call (520) 270-0179 (AZ MT time)



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