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DollShopsOnline.com started in May 2009 when I was planning a trip outside of my home state and wanted to see if there were any doll shops to visit where I was traveling to.
At that time, there really wasn't much to find on the internet, so, I decided to start this website to list what I could find and to help other doll enthusiasts as well. Over the years, as shops began to close, the site was expanded to not only doll but teddy bear, miniature, toy and train related businesses both brick and mortar and online.

Long story short, I listed what I could find and then the site sat inactive for some time as I went on with life, other websites and doll interests. I recently had some time to take a look at the site and low and behold, there had been over 5,000 clicks to the site while it sat "inactive". This sparred me to do some work. I made some major revisions, updated the information, and decided to place it under the "Selling-Dolls.com" umbrella hoping people would be redirected though that well established site.

A one-time set-up fee of $26 is required to be added to this site. The fee include participation in the next online show (www.DollShopsOnline-DollShow.com)

Otherwise, submit your information below and pay. I will need a picture for your Icon to link to your website. The actual size is 170 pixels x 218 pixels but if you send a high quality picture, I should be able to crop it to the appropriate size. Keep in mind the Icon is tall rather than wide. Please email your picture to: Karen@Selling-Dolls.com.  I will let you know when it is posted for your review.

One Time Fee Set-up Fee ~ $26

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Any questions, please don't hesitate to email me at Karen@DollShopsOnline.com.


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