aeranth's Quella

"Quella" is a Vintage Boudoir Bed Standard unmarked Doll ~ composition breast plated  head, arms with shoe/feet with a cloth body in good condition.

She is wearing a vintage handmade peach colored satin gown that has a full circle skirt with side panels,  ecru lace trim and matching headband. She does have pantaloons. Her dark auburn hair has been re-styled adding some vintage mohair of the same color where needed and a braid going across the top of her crown.

Although the gown is in good condition, you may find stains, fading, pinholes and snags with other worn areas consistent with age. She measures approx. 29" Long to the bottom of her skirt.

Quella is quite a lovely doll who displays well and would be happy to come home to you.


$138.50 (USA shipping included)


Lisa B's Red Head Lady

This "Anita" type boudoir bed doll from the 1920-30 era. She is unmarked.Her head is composition and the rest of her is cloth. Beautiful red mohair wig in a short style. Her face is beautiful and all original. Gorgeous black eyes in a cat like style with the elongated eye liner. Nice rosy cheeks and ruby red lips. She has one tiny crack under one eye, but her face has been sealed to prevent this from growing and to prevent any further cracking. Her body is cloth with cloth legs and in excellent shape. Most of these dolls were sold undressed. She wears a pretty black and red evening type gown that is definitely vintage. It fits her perfectly and is in excellent shape with no holes, rips, tears or stains. She has a tie at the waist that is of the same material as the dress. Just a super nice doll in amazing shape!




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