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So, what CAN be done with the Dollies?

Many doll "professionals" as well as antique dealers get calls and emails about what to do with dollies. Some collections have been left behind after a death of a relative, perhaps the owner is downsizing to move or is simply ready to part with their collection and have no one to leave the dollies to.

I hate to break the news to you but in today's market and since the start of Ebay, you will find that dollies, regardless of age or condition or what you paid for them, may not have the value you expect. That being said, at times, there are trends where a particular type of dollie may be popular at the moment and thereby, bring a higher price than normal.

Do a some research so you know if what you have has any value. Click <HERE> for Doll Terminology and Definitions. Get a doll value book. Research on Ebay, Etsy and Ruby Lane. On Ebay, be sure you check what has sold and for how much -- not what they are listed for.

Once you have an idea what you have, the next step is to decide how much time and effort you want to put into this project for finding the dolls a new home. If you feel that you may have something of value, visit the Auction and Dealer Directory page for auction businesses and doll dealers that you can call or email with inquiries.

When you call or email a doll professional, the first question they are going to ask you is "What do you have?". It may save a lot of time and energy if you know the answer. Make an inventory list and take some pictures. Click <HERE> for a printable inventory form or type the list in a computer file to easily cut and paste into an email. Keep in mind that not all your dolls are going to appeal to most who purchase dolls so the selling of your entire collection to one person, may not happen.

For most higher quality antique (prior to 1935) and early vintage dolls (prior to 1959), doll professionals (including dealers and/or appraisers) should be able to give you a good idea of the value of a doll using several sources such as Ebay, Etsy, Ruby Lane, doll shows and other doll professionals. Those values are then weighed against the doll value reference books.  Most doll value reference books state values based the doll in "mint" condition. Unless the doll is truly "mint", the value is usually discounted by half if not less.

Depending on the doll or doll collection, an offer may be made. Keep in mind that the offer will be a wholesale offer. What does that mean to you? Well, dealers usually only purchase for resale so that would be 25 - 50% of what we think we can sell it for in today's market. If you do not wish to accept the offer, be sure you take into consideration what is required to sell your items some other way not to mention storage costs until such time as your items sell.


If going through a doll professional didn't work out or your collection doesn't have much value, you can always...

Have an estate/garage/yard sale. Be sure you put "dolls" in the advertisements. You will be amazed how many people will come out for it. It may be fun to have an "auction" at the end for the remaining dolls left over Be sure submit your event on www.DollShowUSA.com.

Sell through Social Media sites. Facebook has many groups for you to sell your dollies. Keep in mind that some are closed groups so you would have to ask to join. Or post to your own personal account. Many are using Pintrest to sell. Simply set up a board with pictures of the dollies you would like to sell with the price in the description.

Visit DollShowUSA.com to check out the doll shows in your area. You can call or email the contact person to see if they know anyone interested or if they have any opinion on as to how your type of dolls would sell at the shows. Most shows are looking for new sellers, so if you have items that may be "popular" at this time, you may want to consider setting up as a seller. Click for the Show Seller Guide

Sell through an online selling venue ~ Click for the Online Selling Guide

Donate to doll shows for door prizes, thrift shops, churches or other organizations for a tax deduction. Around the holidays is an especially good time to donate.





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