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If you don't have a website for your business, you should. In this day and age, it is one of the most important things for any business. It doesn't have to be super fancy -- just an online presence that has some basic information about your business as well as any links to other sites where your items are actually being sold (Bonanza, Ebay, Etsy, Ruby Lane, etc.).

There are plenty of FREE sites out there just for this purpose. I like www.weebly.com but any others that you may find would work.

I'm not saying that I know everything there is to know about this subject. Fact is, I know very little. Add to that the fact that they change the "rules" all the time, well, you can guess that all this can be very frustrating. That being said, I have learned a couple of things over the years that seem to stay consistent, so here are some suggestions that you can try to get just a little bit more traffic to your website.

Domain name should include important key words but more than anything else, should be short enough for people to remember.

Keywords are important. Keywords and phrases embedded in your website should always start with your domain name.

When setting up your site, be sure that the majority of the information is within the frame of the browser when it first comes up. Maximum width should be fixed at around 900 pixels so that people don't have to scroll horizontally to see the full picture. If the information doesn't fit within the frame, it is always easier to scroll up and down rather than side to side. Most tablets and phones will resize to fit horizontally. Use fonts that are clear and easy to read. Keep in mind that if you are using a fancy font, not everyone will have that particular font loaded on their computer so it will show up differently or not at all. Also, view your site on different browsers to see how it looks. Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and AOL are most common.

Be sure your site flows and that your links all work. Make slight changes to your site every week. This shows that it is still active and up to date. This is what "Crawlers" look for and if you have a bunch of broken links or you haven't made changes in a while, your site may be regarded as obsolete and/or inactive.

Site Maps and footers show that the site is professional and stable.

Put a counter on your site. Vendio.com has a free service to help you with that.

Link exchanges help both parties. The more your website is listed on other pages, the better. Google crawlers look to see if you have a links page as part of their ranking process. If you don't have much within your industry, link to places of interest, other fun activities, information or reference guides or other businesses, organizations or charities that interest you.

Facebook, Twitter and any of the 100ís of other social networking sites are great advertising. Set up a page on your Facebook account. Once you have 25 likes, you will be able to claim your user name (domain name). You will then show up better on Google and other searches.

YouTube channel, video and Google Map (if brick & mortar) on the first page of your site also increases your chance to show up on Google.

Set up an Ebay Selling account and keep a couple of items listed. Even if you don't sell much, it helps to advertise your business.

Always promote your website on your business cards, receipts and any printed forms, flyers or publication advertising you do. Develop an email list and always have your website listed on every email that you send out. Even if you don't necessarily sell something on your site, the more activity you have on your website the better. The main goal is to get traffic to your site so others can find you by searching for you.



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