Head to Toe

Head size: (around the forehead, behind the "ears" and around the back of the head)

Neck: around for choker

Bust: Flat or Full


Body length:  
(shoulder to bottom where legs attach)

Arm/Hand Type: Compo/plastic arms and hands;

Compo hands and wrists

All Fabric

Arm length: (shoulder including fabric part to finger tips)

Leg/Foot Type:  Compo/plastic feet to ankles with black shoes

All Fabric

Leg length: (from bottom of body to toes)

Leg Width: (around)

Stockings and Slippers

These stockings and Slippers are for Fabric Legs and Feet

Leg Width: (around)

Foot Length

Step #1 ~ Draw a straight line on a piece of paper

Step #2 ~ Place the leg of the doll on top of the line.

Step #3 ~ Mark the end of the toe on the paper

Step #4 ~ Draw a line along the bottom of the foot

Step #5 ~ Measure line from heal to toe



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