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Please Read the ONLINE SELLING GUIDE First
Then Proceed....

Ready, Set, LIST ~ Log into your Ebay account. Click "Sell" next to "Gift Cards" at the left top of the page near your name. IMPORTANT - DO NOT switch to quick listing tool. It chooses options for you automatically and it will not allow you to choose some options thus causing you to start over in order to modify the listing to the options you desire.

Enter what you are going to sell and click get started. Choose the best category (Second category is an additional fee) Click "Continue"...

Create your Listing ~ Ebay is not charging insertion fees for up to 50 items per month at this time. Most of the final fees are 10% once the item has sold. Sometimes they run specials for subtitles and other listing enhancements for free. Be very careful if you do decide on these items as when you re-list, they will charge you the additional fee after the special is over unless you un-click that option before re-listing.

Enter the appropriate information off of your inventory chart into each field. Those required fields have are marked with *

  • * Title (Subtitle is $.50)

  • Condition

  • * Add Photos - Ebay picture policy requires that each picture be a minimum of 1600 pixels along one side so make sure your camera is set up correctly to accommodate that size. If you don't have a photo editing program, you can use Ebay's enhanced photo uploader to crop, rotate and/or brighten the pictures if need be. You are allowed 12 pictures.

  • Add Item Specifics, if applicable

  • * Details - Optional additional information to add at the bottom...


Don't forget to visit my other items for sale.

Payment is greatly appreciated within
3 DAYS from the time of purchase.

If you need more time, please let me know
so I do not open a case against you for non-payment.

I do strive for a 5 star experience so if you do have a challenge,
please contact me first before leaving feedback
or putting a claim in with Paypal or Ebay.

  • Choose a Format & Price - Click (see listing fees) for current information.

    * Starting Price
    Buy it Now
    Ebay Giving Works

    Additional fees may be required for Reserves and for 10 day auctions.

    Fixed Price
    * Buy it Now Price
    Best Offer - Allow Buyers to send you their Best Offers for you consideration.
    * Quantity

    Ebay Giving Works

  • Select How you will be paid - Have to choose Paypal unless you have special consideration as you already have a merchant credit card set up and even then you have to apply.

  • Shipping Details -

    * US Shipping - Pick the services you wish to offer. People do love free shipping and you can always add the shipping to the price of the item.
    Handling Time - Be realistic. Consider -- Do you have a box ready; Do you have time to get down to the post office. Ebay prefers that you offer 1 business day Handling time and a "Get it Fast" service. By doing such you may qualify for special rebates on the Ebay fees and it does help with search placement bringing you closer to the top of the list.
    Handling Cost - up to you

    International Shipping - Optional. Pick the services you wish to offer. Free shipping is not available with international shipping.
    Handling Time - same as above
    Handling Cost - same as above
    Ebay sometimes offers a global service that you can sign up for where the item ships to a processing center in Kentucky and then it is Ebay's responsibility after that. It does cost the buyer about twice as much in shipping but it is quicker, more reliable and the buyer may be saved from paying a duty tax.

  • Package Details - Pick the type of package and enter the weight. Dimensions are optional.
    *  Add other details, if applicable.

  • Buyer Requirements - I just stick with Ebay rules.

  • Sales Tax - Example ~ If you sell to someone in Arizona, you should have an Arizona Business Sales Tax license, collect and pay the appropriate tax.

  • Return Policy - In order to get special rebates on the Ebay fees, Ebay encourages you to meet certain criteria
    *  Required Return policy.
    *  All returns accepted.
    *  Buyer should contact you within 14 Days from receipt of the item.
    *  Refund given as Money back or exchange (buyer's choice).
    *  Return shipping will be paid by your buyer.
    *  Additional return policy details: None

  • Click "Continue" - The next page will tell you how much the fees are. (should be 0)

  • Click "List Your item"

    YEAH! You Did It!



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