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Things to consider.... Some shows are "buying" shows where you will find lots of bargains to purchase for your personal collection or for resale. Other shows are "selling" shows where you do real well selling. As no one can predict how it will go at the show, think about how you will feel if you do not sell enough to make back your costs at the show.

Be sure you know the "rules" for selling at "special events" and the additional cost for such. Better Promoters should tell you or you may have to check with both the state and city sales tax revenue departments to see what is required. Sometimes, if you are selling your personal collection or it is a one time event, you may not be required to collect and pay sales taxes. Every city and state is different and it is your responsibility to know the rules where you are selling.

Pay for your table(s) as soon as possible. Some even offer discounts before a certain date.

Email reminders to everyone you know. You never know who are doll collectors. Print out or ask for flyers. Keep some with you to leave, give out or post at work, banks, doctor offices, post office, stores, library, grocery, restaurant bulletin boards -- anywhere else during your daily travels. Don't forget to ask family and friends to come see you. If you belong to a club, remind them of the show and pass out flyers at the meetings. If you are a Facebook person, post on your wall or "like" the doll show page, if available. Promoters try to cover everything they can but are always looking for help. Keep in mind, "word of mouth" is the best form of advertising.

Do your homework. Get a price guide, research on ebay. Best to look at what completed items SOLD for and not what they are LISTED for. You can also look at Ruby Lane. When you search there, go to the bottom of the list to see what items have sold or have sales pending. Have everything priced at least with some sort of price. Other sellers will sometimes tell you if the price is too high and believe it or not, even too low. By doing a little research, you may realize that some items are selling better than others allowing you to be more discerning as to what you want to bring.

You are probably not going to sell everything you bring to the show. (Rule of thumb is about 20%) We have found that a variety of different items and smaller less expensive items are always a plus. Presentation is everything. If people can't find items on your table, you could be missing out on a sale. Put 2 or 3 like items out, if someone shows an interest, you can always say that you have more under the table.

Be sure you have receipts, extra price tags/signs, pens/markers, change and table covers. Have some business cards made up with your phone number. Even if you don't intend on selling again, someone may get home and think about it later after the show and decide to buy.

If you have a smart phone or tablet, consider taking credit card payments with Square Up. It is very simple!  Sign up online at www.SquareUp.com. They will send you a little slider that you plug into your phone. Download the application through the market place on your device and you are pretty much ready to go. There is one simple rate of 2.75% (when you use the card slider) with no monthly fee. (Paypal.com and Intuit.com offer similar services but Paypal doesn't support all devices and Intuit adds a transaction fee.)

Get to the show as early as possible to set up! You will find that you may have your best sales before the show even opens up to the public. Many regular doll show sellers obtain a lot of their inventory this way. Donate a nice item to the raffle or door prize. Be sure you have your name & table no. on the item. People like to come over and see what else you have and will thank you for the prize. Wear your name tag. If you are able, stand in front of your table occasionally during the show. Be friendly. If someone is standing there looking like they want to say something or have a question and you are talking to someone else, always acknowledge the person and say that you will be right with them.

Provide a receipt with your information for all sales. Be sure to write the address and phone number on the checks and when taking a credit card, ALWAYS, write the person's name, address and phone number on the receipt. Even though it appears that an order has gone through, devices and Wi-Fi are not foolproof and many sales have been lost and irretrievable because of it. Start an email list and write customer's name and email on the receipt. This way, not only can you can let your customers know where you will be selling next, if you do online selling, you can let them know when you place new items online. People may be more comfortable buying from you online once they have met you in person and should there not be any events in a while, you can remind them that you are there for them.

Do plan on staying for the entire show. At the end, pack up quickly and throw away any trash, etc.

Have FUN!



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